Community housing for the future: Taking collective action toward resiliency

ONPHA’s Solutions Lab,  Community housing for the future: Taking collective action toward resiliency, delivered with SHS Consulting, brings together key stakeholders from across Ontario’s community housing sector, including housing providers, service managers, and sector associations to develop and test creative business models and policy recommendations to ensure the sustainability, growth and resilience of community housing in Ontario, while addressing the critical end of mortgages issue.

Why a Solutions Lab?
There is an imminent issue with the Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA) funding formula that could put the viability of many community housing providers at risk. Despite its severity and urgency, this issue presents the sector with opportunities to innovate, question assumptions, and envision a new future for community housing in Ontario. 

Many of these opportunities will be available through the Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act, 2020 (the Act). Among other things, the Act amends the HSA and provides opportunities for community housing providers reaching the end of their mortgage or operating agreement to either: 

  • exit the HSA and thus remove them from all related obligations; or 
  • enter into a new service agreement and new obligations with their service manager. 

Why now?

The details related to these exit and service agreements (and other amendments) are still unknown and will be determined through regulation. The Province has committed to developing the regulations in consultation with the broader community housing sector, including service managers and housing providers.  

These consultations present a timely opportunity for the community housing sector to work together to support the development of these regulations and create a sustainable community housing system. 

Next steps

ONPHA is now launching Phase 3 of the Solutions Lab, the Development Phase, which will begin the  solution development process,  working on further building out the ideas from the first two phases. The next step will be to create a roadmap of potential solutions for the future of community housing. 

In partnership with

To ensure this critical work could get underway, ONPHA funded Phases 1 and 2 of the Solutions Lab. Along with ONPHA’s continued commitment to the initiative, we are also very grateful for the generous support contributed by the Community Housing Transformation Centre and the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada that has allowed us to move forward with Phases 3 to 5.

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