ECNG Energy Group
EECNG Energy Group has been an energy industry leader since 1987. They’re also ONPHA’s energy program partner of choice, for providing budget-conscious non-profit housing providers with the most cost-effective ways to buy hydro and gas. To ensure members can access stable, affordable hydro and gas rates, ONPHA has partnered with ECNG to offer the ONPHA-ECNG Hydro Program and the ONPHA-ECNG Gas Program.

ONPHA-ECNG Hydro Program

The ONPHA-ECNG Hydro Program taps into ECNG’s in-depth energy market knowledge to search for the best electricity rates from trusted and high-quality suppliers.

The program is available to all bulk-metered non-profit housing buildings, and ideally suited for buildings with consumption from as low as 1,000 kWh per month (typical for a single house), right up to large volume, high-rise, multi-unit buildings.

  • Pay the true cost of power: Receive the best possible rates, without paying retail premiums.​
  • Flexibility: Join the program at the variable rate to start saving now, and lock in predictable pricing at fixed rates when the time is right.​
  • Hassle-free: Enjoy a simple enrolment, with no change to your billing process.​
  • Services, support and expertise: Access energy efficiency expertise and assistance applying for rebates to take your savings even further.

ONPHA-ECNG Gas Program

The natural gas market is unpredictable and volatile. Having a pricing strategy in place is key to controlling your costs and budget over time. The ONPHA-ECNG Gas Program can help you regain control.

  • Control your costs: Stabilize your bills and avoid nasty surprises.​
  • Enjoy bulk purchasing power: Access competitive, wholesale pricing by combining your purchase volumes with other members.​
  • Take advantage of low prices: Capture affordable pricing options while the natural gas market is near 30-year lows.​
  • Gain expert support: Access a team of industry professionals who can ensure you are receiving the best possible deal.


Ready to start saving?

To learn more or sign up, contact:

Matt Honchar
Director, Business Development and Client Services
ECNG Energy Group
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