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Did you know that you are paying more than you need to for power?

To distribute electricity over long distances, utility companies oversupply the grid. This increases your power bill, adds unnecessary wear and tear to your electrical equipment, and makes your building less environmentally-friendly. Legend Power’s innovative solution, the Harmonizer Voltage Optimization System, can be installed in a building’s electrical room to regulate the voltage intake and eliminate this energy waste. The system can cut your energy consumption by up to 8%, without replacing or retrofitting existing electrical equipment, or requiring any changes to tenant behavior.

Look to Legend Power for:

  • A guarantee on projected energy savings
  • Full-service installation of the Harmonizer Voltage Optimization System, which can help you to:
    • Reduce energy consumption and electrical bills up to 8%
    • Maximize equipment life to reduce maintenance and replacement costs
    • Improve your building’s environmental sustainability
    • Qualify for LEED points
    • Qualify for double incentive funding and government rebates
  • A leading 10-year warranty
  • Zero-down financing options

What's the deal?

Legend Power has created a special purchase option for ONPHA members that is tailored to the needs of non-profit housing providers. ONPHA members automatically qualify for a $0 down purchase plan that allows you to use your energy savings to finance the cost of the system. You can opt to lease over five years, or select a non-profit housing monthly service agreement to start saving from day one.

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Maria Ferrato