Innovations in Housing Stability: Musk Quat Transition House, Timmins

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Unique partnership gives women fleeing violence in Timmins, ON a chance to stabilize their lives in a secure home:

Musk Quat Transition House offers women fleeing violence a stable, long-term place to stay to stabilize their lives:

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Musk Quat Transition Housing in Timmins gives women leaving violence a safe place to heal and rebuild beyond the typical six-week shelter stay:

Musk Quat is the Ojibway word for "bear den." The founders of Musk Quat Transition Homes in Timmins were inspired by the image of a mama bear as a provider and fierce protector. Find out more about how Musk Quat provides women fleeing violence with a stable home for up to a year to help rebuild their lives:

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Musk Quat Transition House in Timmins gives women fleeing violence a safe place to heal and rebuild, beyond the typical six-week shelter stay. The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) has profiled Musk Quat as part of their new project, Innovations in Housing Stability. Read more about how their innovative model is making a difference: