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Fewer resources, a growing need for affordable housing, and a focus on local housing and homelessness planning are changing Ontario’s social housing system. Building a strong, sustainable future, ONPHA’s 2016-2019 strategic plan, sets out our strategy for adapting to these changes so that we can continue to offer our members the services and opportunities they need.

Over the next three years, we will prepare ONPHA and our members for the changes that are coming to the sector, while continuing to ensure the delivery of high-quality housing to non-profit housing tenants.

Ultimately, our goals remain the same as when ONPHA was formed in 1988. We bring the sector together, build staff and volunteer capacity, provide solutions to the challenges facing our members, and advocate for the tools and resources that members need to deliver excellent quality housing. We look forward to growing with our members to meet the challenges of today, tomorrow and the years ahead.


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