Developing Community Housing -

Lessons from the Frontline

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 | 1 PM to 4 PM

Are you a provider thinking about developing/redeveloping affordable housing in your community? Join our upcoming workshop to discover if you are equipped to take on the challenges and learn how to develop an initial plan for turning your vision into reality!

The workshop will begin with an overview of the development process for non-profit housing providers. It will walk participants through all the project stages with an emphasis on key milestones, the fundamentals of funding and financing of a project. Housing providers will then share with participants their recent experiences in development projects and answer questions on the dos and don'ts of housing development.

Throughout the session we’ll dive into:

  • Basics on how to develop affordable community housing
  • Strategies to make your affordable housing project financially viable
  • Advice on how to fund and finance affordable housing development
  • Examples of successful projects recently completed or underway

After this session, you’ll be equipped with:

  • Strategic and practical advice on developing/redeveloping affordable housing
  • Ability to assess your readiness and risks
  • Knowledge on how to develop a realistic project plan
  • Skills to find funding for your project and develop a strong funding application

This workshop is perfect for any type of housing provider, large or small, considering the expansion of their housing portfolio. It would also be valuable for those that have already decided to pursue the development of new housing and are looking for guidance on funding sources, project planning and general tips on how best to proceed and pitfalls to avoid. 


Graeme Hussey
Director of Housing Development, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC)
President, Cahdco

Graeme is the Director of Housing Development for Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC) and President of Cahdco. CCOC is an affordable housing provider that owns and operates 1,600 homes in Ottawa. Cahdco is a non-profit development corporation related to CCOC that assists non-profits, co-ops and charities to develop affordable housing. Graeme is a board director for Housing Services Corporation and member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund Council.

Anna Froehlich
Project Manager, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC) and Cahdco 

Anna Froehlich is a Project Manager for Cahdco and CCOC. Anna has a background in Urban and Regional Planning with experience in private sector development planning, municipal planning, and community engagement. With Cahdco, Anna has worked on various projects for faith groups, supportive housing, seniors housing and youth housing.

Tom Hunter
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), CityHousing Hamilton

As CEO, Tom leads CHH’s strategic renewal and redevelopment including four new builds and a high-rise retrofit to the Passive House standard, conversion of commercial space and two development partnerships for revitalization projects. An experienced senior leader from the healthcare sector, he has deep experience in fostering high-performance culture and guiding health outcomes, which has shaped his vision for high-performance buildings that benefit individuals and the local community and contribute to a socially-sustainable city.

Jim Steele
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation

Jim Steele is an experienced senior executive with 39 years of public and non-profit sector experience in the housing industry at the local, regional, and provincial levels. As a mentor and consultant, Jim’s focus is on capacity building and planning, with a track record of facilitating strong corporate and community relationships and introducing innovative programs and services. He has participated on many committees and as Board Director at ONPHA, Housing Services Corporation (HSC), SHSC Financial Inc. (now Encasa), President at CIH and as Chair of the International Housing Partnership (IHP). 

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