Maintenance Planning Handbook – USB format (2017)
Maintenance Planning Handbook – USB format (2017)

This comprehensive Handbook is designed to help housing providers plan and implement building maintenance to support longer building life, minimize costs and resources, and provide tenants and communities with well-maintained, high-quality homes. Put the information you need at your fingertips, including:

  • How to balance, assess and prioritize your maintenance demands
  • How to develop and implement a maintenance plan that helps you save costs, avoid surprises, and safeguard the lifespan of your buildings
  • Understanding your building systems and components, their maintenance needs, and how to prolong their useful life
  • Strategies for pest and wildlife management
  • Understanding and managing your regulatory, legal and contractual obligations
  • Working with contractors, property managers and outside suppliers to meet your maintenance goals
  • Managing your maintenance budget effectively over the long term

Time-saving resources
Included with the Handbook are more than 30 customizable templates that you can immediately put into practice to support your work:
  • Maintenance schedules and calendars
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual maintenance checklists
  • Maintenance logs and inspection reports
  • Equipment inventory logs
  • Work and purchase orders
  • Processes and procedures to support maintenance planning, cleaning programs, tendering management and more

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The Handbook and accompanying resources are available on USB and will be distributed by mail upon purchase.

Housing Members: $85+HST
Service Manager Members: $125+HST
Regular Price: $200+HST